Wayne Gerard

Co-founder & CEO of RedEye Apps

Wayne Gerard is a member of a number of industry bodies, academic and government advisory boards, he’s an advocate for innovation and the development of local startup ecosystems that accelerate the potential and competitiveness of capital-intensive industries.

Wayne was awarded the Queensland Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015 and sits on the following boards and committees:

  • Board Member StartupAus
  • Advance Qld Expert Panel
  • Board Member WaterStart
  • Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Economic Development Committee
  • Qld Premier’s Business Advisory Council
  • Qld Council of Governors

Randall Makin

Co-founder of RedEye Apps & CEO of Waterline Projects

As CEO of Waterline projects, Randall is passionate about building the reputation of engineers and their profession, building strong client focused teams and leading the use digital engineering for good. 
Randall Makin is also co-founder of RedEye, one of Australia’s fastest growing startups and the first software business to make engineering data truly mobile and deliver digital engineering. 
A degree qualified electrical engineer, Randall’s domain expertise in construction and maintenance for large asset owners provided first-hand insight into the type of data solutions of engineers and people who use drawings and other engineering data. Since founding RedEye in 2012, he has overseen the creation and evolution of the company and maintains a passion to challenge and improve outcomes by using data insights. 
As an active contributor to Australia’s startup community, Randall is passionate about helping companies take control of their data, get value to help shape how we use technology at work, and sharing his experience with other startups to boost Australia’s startup ecosystem. 

Executive Team

Rob Foster

GM Customer Operations

Rob Foster is a director and engineer that loves creating new products, delivering projects and building businesses. Rob’s talent and passion are, and always have been, for building and leading high performing teams of people. Embracing the challenge of managing others and building relationships that are personally and professionally satisfying, if Rob can be coaching a junior in the morning, negotiating a joint venture at lunch, and packing his bag for a trip to the jungle in the afternoon, it’s been a good day.

Roman Galikov

Finance Director & Company Secretary
Roman Galikov has global experience in finance and commercial operations management in the roles of Chief Financial Officer and General Manager. Roman is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters of Professional Accounting and a Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Mathematics.

Jenny Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

Jenny Johnson is an ERP Software and SaaS solutions leader with over 20 years of experience. Jenny provides strategic leadership across multiple functions in the global enterprise software, cloud and SaaS industry, delivering innovative solutions to complex organisations. 
Customer focused with a skillset across product management, strategy, and marketing, Jenny leads business units and teams through strategies to deliver global functions in enterprise software organisations, including new products, marketing, bid management and customer-focused solutions.

Louise Sharman

General Manager, Culture & People

Experienced in human resources, recruitment, and culture management, Louise Sharman is committed to building a RedEye underpinned by diversityinclusion, wellness, and ongoing professional development. This begins with the recruitment process, and continues support throughout the organisation.  

Lou leads our team through rapid growth and change management. She’s passionate about developing and partnering with our leaders, empowering them and their teams to achieve personal and organisational goals. A champion and community advocate for employee wellbeing, mental health, and work/life balance, Lou leads by example with candor and fast feedback.

David VanderSchee

President, North America

David VanderSchee is a highly driven results-oriented executive that has led all sizes of global and regional businesses across multiple industries. Passionate about leading, building and empowering strong teams that deliver step change business performance, David has broad experience in managing all aspects of a P&L in all stages of business growth.

Alex Ung

General Manager Digital Transformation

Alex Ung is an experienced Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Water, Power & Mining industry. Skilled in operations management, water treatment, government and asset management, Alex has a design-thinking focus that drives operational efficiency and considers the TOTEX of Asset Management solutions. 

At RedEye, Alex engages with critical asset owners across all industries on their journey of digitalisation, helping organisations move from a 2D flat file environment through to the various stages of Digital Twin in a Connected Data Environment.


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