What We Do

RedEye Apps develops digital engineering and SaaS solutions with organisations around the world that own and operate complex assets and critical infrastructure.
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Our purpose

Keep the world’s critical infrastructure operating.
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Our mission

Provide a SaaS platform that makes the world’s critical infrastructure asset data more available, useable, and valuable.
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Our vision

Make the world’s critical infrastructure safer, easier, and more efficient to operate and maintain.
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The Problem We Solve

Inefficient engineering data management is a global problem that many industries experience, particularly in relation to complex asset Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Relying on poor engineering data management systems can lead to serious safety incidents, unnecessary downtime, increased operational costs, inefficient handovers, and reduced profit. Purpose-built for O&M, RedEye ensures seamless asset operations and maintenance across all areas of an organisation in a user-friendly software-as-a-service platform.

More available
The ability to upload, search, and view every file format for every type of artefact that a client uses to do O&M. To easily find what you need, when you need it, with elastic search, QR codes, or Optimal Character Recognition (OCR). Integration with existing systems so that you can easily access all data, regardless of where it’s stored. Available anywhere, anytime; on a desktop, tablet, or native mobile app, online, offline, or underground.
More usable
A solution, not a tool, purpose-built for operations and maintenance. An unlimited user license, where you can invite your extended workforce into a controlled, common data environment. The ability to clean, deduplicate, and improve your data set, to ensure the sovereignty and successful handover of legacy data. To work on the data stored in RedEye in a simple, intuitive platform. Easy to learn with tailored, in-person training and dedicated in-house support.
More valuable
To improve your legacy data, and to continue to improve your business processes for the future. To extract insights from your data to make predictions and decisions. To see KPI’s, ROI, and other metrics, with a complete, auditable history of your asset data. Co-developing and constantly improving our technology to incorporate 3D drawings and Digital Twin. For us, more valuable means driving adoption, value, and ultimately revenue for your organisation.

Connecting Teams
With Assets

How We Solve It

Your organisation is unique. That’s why our solutions work as standalone platforms, as an integration into your existing tech stack, or together as the complete RedEye suite. We work with you to digitally transform your business processes; past, present, and future.


RedEye’s Data Management System (DMS) is a single source of truth for engineering data and drawings, inviting unlimited staff and contractors into a common data environment to view, markup and share data.


With RedEye’s Workforce Mobility (WFM) solution, organisations can schedule, complete and report on maintenance activities, building a rich dataset that unlocks insights to improve asset performance.


Our Philosophy: Design and Build With

Instead of the traditional “build for” approach, we believe in “design and build with”.

In 2012, RedEye developed a drawing and data management system with our first client, global resources company BHP Billiton. Today, we continue to innovate closely with our clients, end-users, and industry leaders.

Maintaining a two-way dialogue allows us to identify real client challenges daily, predict future pain points, and continually optimise our solutions.

Our account managers, customer support, and product development team, all work side by side, in-house. This means personalised, fast, and connected support for our clients.

Our design philosophy ensures our solutions provide instant results, accelerate and support digital transformation, and set organisations up for future innovation. We actively look for opportunities to co-develop features and functionality with our clients who are looking to differentiate themselves in their industry.

Named one of LinkedIn’s Top 25 Startups to work for in 2019.

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